The Chinese auto industry is preparing to release its new product - the most aerodynamic electric car in the world, BYD YangWang U6, with an air resistance coefficient of 0,195 Cd, writes The U6 belongs to the premium series of the BYD YangWang brand, which also includes the U8 SUV and the U9 electric supercar. The side profile of the new electric car looks very stylish and aerodynamic. The reduction in air resistance was achieved, among other things, due to the absence of rear-view mirrors, instead of which rear-view cameras are supposed to be used. In addition, the electric car has aerodynamic wheel caps, and the door handles are “recessed” into the body, which also reduces air resistance when driving. Other technical characteristics of the new sedan include a light bulb on the windshield, which will house radars and other sensors for autonomous driving, and a 4-engine YangWang engine with 1100 horsepower. The estimated price of the electric car is 800 thousand yuan or 110 thousand dollars.

Tehnologiýa, Ata Watan tarapyndan 8 months ago
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