The state enterprise “Nebitmash” of the Ministry of Industry and Building Materials of Turkmenistan manufactures products intended for servicing electric power facilities throughout the country. “Nebitmash” offers production services for: distribution cabinets for transformer and lighting stations; components - R-1000 and RPS knife switches, “studs”, input and output contacts of the transformer with a rated voltage of up to 1 kV. The company also manufactures conventional and high-voltage fuses to protect power circuits, electric wires, electric motors and voltage transformers in case of overloads and short circuits. Enterprise “Nebitmash” is located at the address: Ashgabat, st. 2008, building 6. Phones for additional information: (+993 65) 69 91 64; (+993 12) 76 02 43; 76 03 69. Fax: (+993 12) 76 02 25. Also read: "Nebitmash" performs all types of turning and milling work with a wide variety of materials The state enterprise “Nebitmash” offers a wide range of gas heating boilers of various sizes SE “Nebitmash” - high-quality and professional maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment

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