The annual book festival Kitap Fest Almaty, organized by the BAURZHAN foundation, was held in Almaty on “Arbat” Square. The festival was attended by 20 thousand people, where 7800 books were sold in one day. Also, this year, a “Book Labyrinth” was erected at the book festival, where 5000 free books of a wide variety of genres were distributed to visitors. According to tradition, the Ауылға кітап event was held, during which about 3 thousand books were collected, which Kazakhstanis donated to rural libraries of the country. Over 50 bookstores and publishing houses presented their products, and 28 new books were presented. “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” informs about this with reference to the city akimat. Kitap Fest Almaty is the first international book festival in Kazakhstan, which has been held annually since 2014 with the support of the Culture Department of the Almaty akimat and the Centralized Library System of the city. This year the festival was dedicated to City Day and was also dedicated to the theme “National Literature. National language. National traditions”. The source quotes the main coordinator of Kitap Fest, Mayra Alzhanova: “The book festival is a wide selection of interactive platforms: from meetings with Kazakh writers to educational master classes for children. We are working to attract the population to reading, increase the importance of books, culture and education, and promote the popularization of Kazakh writers and their literary works”.

Täzelikler, Ata Watan tarapyndan 8 months ago
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