The branch of the Russian auto giant PJSC “KAMAZ” in Turkmenistan is KAMAZ FTC Corp. LLP offers enterprises and organizations of Turkmenistan services for the supply of special equipment - KAMAZ-44108 6x6 tractor. The universal all-wheel drive truck tractor KAMAZ-44108 6x6 is designed for cargo transportation as part of road trains. Power of 280 horsepower permits it to tow loads weighing up to 32 tons, and two gas tanks provide a long range. The KAMAZ-44108 6x6 truck tractor is a modification of 44108 with a restyled cab. KAMAZ-44108 6x6 tractors are widely used in the oil and gas and construction industries, as well as in the armed forces, they demonstrate their excellent off-road qualities and withstand adverse weather conditions (frost and heat). These models work with various types of semi-trailers - awning, flatbed semi-trailers, tanks. If necessary, KAMAZ FTC Corp. LLP will provide supplies of original spare parts and components for professional maintenance of KAMAZ-44108 6x6 tractors. The representative office of “KAMAZ” PJSC in Turkmenistan informs about the possibility of ordering any special equipment and delivering it as soon as possible. “KAMAZ” equipment is widely in demand in the construction, industrial and agricultural sectors of Turkmenistan. Tens of thousands of “KAMAZ” vehicles are used in the construction of roads, industrial and social facilities, as well as in agricultural work. In 2008, the country's first KAMAZ training and service center opened in Ashgabat, which provides repairs and maintenance of brand equipment, as well as personnel training. Over the following years, three more similar centers were opened in the regions in Turkmenistan; the grand opening of the fifth is expected this year in Dashoguz velayat. The presence of such centers solves many serious issues in the operation of KAMAZ equipment - from the supply of spare parts to consultations with specialists. Contact details of “KAMAZ” PJSC in Turkmenistan: address: Ashgabat, Bitarap Turkmenistan avenue, 602, “KAMAZ” Training Service Center; phone: (+ 993 12) 75 22 04/05; fax: (+993 12) 75 19 70; email: Also read: ES Bereketli Ulag offers vehicles and spare parts for KAMAZ

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