The Alem Sport apparels and shoes store presents the unique Tossa AMF sneakers from the Lotto brand, created using modern technologies that guarantee maximum comfort for the foot during sports. Tossa AMF running shoes are equipped with a special cushioning system thanks to a multi-layered sole with layers of different densities. This reduces the load on the joints and spine during jogging or active sports. The high-quality material from which the inside of the sneaker is made guarantees excellent ventilation and breathability. The perforated insole perfectly absorbs moisture, which prevents the risk of fungus or bacteria. In Alem Sport apparels and shoes, you can find sports shoes and clothing from leading manufacturers for practicing any kind of sports, both in a sports or gym, and outdoors. Experienced sales consultants will help you choose the shoes that are most suitable for a particular sport and the intensity of the upcoming loads. The Alem Sport apparels and shoes store is waiting for fans of sports and a healthy lifestyle at the address: Ashgabat, “Berkarar” shopping and entertainment center (1st floor, B66 store). Contact phones: (+993 62) 00 66 55; (+993 65) 80 25 52; (+993 12) 46 84 07. Email: Also read: Alem Sport apparels and shoes store offers a wide selection of sports and casual t-shirts Win with martial arts equipment from Alem Sport accessories and equipments

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