Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborah-Lee Jackman have decided to separate after 27 years of marriage, Arguments and Facts reported, citing People magazine. The actors explained that they plan to separate in order to "continue their individual growth." The couple does not report the true reason for the divorce. “We have lived together as husband and wife for almost three decades in a wonderful, loving marriage. Now our path is changing,” they told the press. From his marriage to Deborah-Leigh Jackman, the actor has two children – 23-year-old son Oscar and 18-year-old Ava. Hugh Jackman is known for his roles in the films “X-Men”, “Prisoners”, “Kate and Leo”, “Van Helsing”. Since 2013, the actor has been battling skin cancer. According to him, he has one of the least aggressive forms of skin cancer - basal cell carcinoma.

Täzelikler, Ata Watan tarapyndan 7 months ago
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