High standards of service, experience and a well-functioning logistics system permit the “Turkmenpost” postal company to deliver valuable parcels and important correspondence to recipients in the shortest possible time, even to the most remote and inaccessible areas of Turkmenistan. The popularity of “door-to-door” courier service is growing every day. Its clients include individuals and individual entrepreneurs, as well as online stores and large organizations. Using this service, you can send or receive a parcel or parcel post within Turkmenistan without leaving your home or office. Parcels are delivered personally to the addressee. If necessary, the client can order packaging and storage services, track the location of a parcel or other correspondence. To use the service, you need to contact the “Turkmenpost” courier service at (+993 12) 92 14 95 and call a courier at your home, or download the Çapar mobile application (available on Google Play and App Store). The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the parcel, speed (simple or expedited) and courier waiting time. The company, in line with the implemented policy to improve the modern postal services provided to the population and introduce digital technologies into its work, continues to work on improving and expanding the functionality of the Çapar mobile application, through which Turkmen citizens can pay fines of the SNNP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan (GAI), utilities, and online cinema services Belet Film and satellite television Älem TV, call a courier to send mail, order water and much more. In addition, the application contains contact numbers of various organizations and institutions. You can get more detailed information about the activities of the “Turkmenpost” postal service company on the official website of the organization. Also read: “Turkmenpost” carries out cash and non-cash money transfers throughout Turkmenistan

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