Justin Timberlake, together with the rest of the *NSYNC group, will record the single Better Place after an almost 20-year break, reported Gazeta.ru with reference to information from Timberlake’s page on one of the social networks. “So many stars aligned. If we make this song, it will be a love letter to our fans. It would be an honor to release this song with the band”, - Timberlake wrote on his account. The song, which is being prepared for recording, will be released on September 29. The composition will be included in the soundtrack of the animated musical “Trolls. The group is assembled”, which is scheduled to premiere on November 17. Boys band *NSYNC reunited yesterday to attend the MTV Video Music Awards. The team was formed in 1995, its members, in addition to Justin Timberlake, included Chris Kirkpatrick, J.C. Chase, Lance Bass and Joey Fatone.

Täzelikler, Ata Watan tarapyndan 10 months ago
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