The number of centenarians in the Land of the Rising Sun has been growing for more than 50 years in a row. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of Japanese over the age of 100 reached 92 139 citizens for the first time. This year alone, there are one and a half thousand more people over 100 years old in Japan. Moreover, 89% of centenarians are representatives of the fairer sex. About this informs “MIR 24” with reference to TASS information. The source provides the dynamics of the growth of Japanese centenarians. In 1963, when the country passed the Social Security Act, there were 153 centenarians over 100 years of age. In 1981, their number exceeded a thousand, in 1998 – 10 thousand, and in 2012 – already 50 thousand. In 2023, 47 107 people will celebrate their 100th anniversary. The Japanese government will send them letters of congratulations and memorable gifts, the report said.

Täzelikler, Ata Watan tarapyndan 10 months ago
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