The largest dog in the world, a Great Dane named Zeus, died at the age of three from complications after treatment for a malignant tumor, reported Sky News. The 91-kilogram dog Zeus, whose height at the withers was 104 cm, and when standing on his hind legs - 2 meters 10 centimeters, was listed in the Guinness World Records as the largest dog in the world. Shortly before his death, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. His owner conducted an online fundraiser for treatment and collected about 11 thousand euros. Zeus underwent surgery and amputated the paw affected by the tumor. The operation went well, but a day later Zeus developed pneumonia, from which he died on September 12. According to the owner, Zeus was a very good-natured dog, loved to drink straight from the sink due to his gigantic height and was afraid of rain.

Täzelikler, Ata Watan tarapyndan 8 months ago
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